Month: April 2018

Good office fitouts will build your profits!

Five Profitable Fitout Ideas Did you know our surroundings influence not just our mood but also our productivity? Consider yourself working in a messy, loud, chaotic space. Of course, you might work, but the uneasiness while in the space would never let your subconscious mind rest! Or, think about working in a room with no windows – it would surely result in mental suffocation! If the space in which you work fails to ignite your creativity, then productivity naturally decreases.  Low productivity = low profits.  Let’s look at some fitout ideas which will result in profits…. 1) Invest in ventilation Ventilation is...

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Sitting pretty? Why an ergonomic chair is vital in the office!

Ergonomic chair = Happy Staff What makes a chair “ergonomic”? According to Human Solution, there are twelve factors that make a chair an ergonomic one: Seat height adjustment Seat pan depth adjustment Backrest height adjustment Swivel base Back angle adjustment Back tilt tension adjustment Arm support adjustment Quality casters Stable wheelbase Lumbar support Headrest adjustment Encourages posture changes. Sitting in an ordinary chair puts strain on the spine because the right support does not exist. This wears out the lumbar support in your back, which can bring about pain to your back, shoulders and neck. An ergonomic chair is...

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