Month: January 2018

4 Tips to Create Happier Office Fitout Spaces

A happier employee is a productive employee. If you are a business owner you know how important this is for retention, engagement, and absenteeism. One of the many ways to keep your employees happy is through creating happy office fitout spaces. A happy space means that it has all the elements that can elevate the mood of the employee, make him or her think in multiple dimensions and also interact with others through the elements that you have installed. Thus, in order to get a head start on how to create these happy spaces, please follow this list. 1)...

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DDK’s Selectric Sit Stand Desk – Office Workstation

In an effort to alleviate the occupational health and safety concerns of sedentary and prolonged sitting behaviour of many office workers, DDK distribute the Scandinavian “Selectric Sit Stand Desk – Office Workstation” to suit Australian standards and workplace regulations.  The Sit Stand Desk is available through Affordable Fitouts in Melbourne. The Selectric Sit Stand Desk, or Table, is a height adjustable desk providing an ergonomic commercial office workstation.  The height flexibility of the Sit Stand Desk accommodates sitting and/or standing work postures.  With an ergonomically located touch-button electric switch, users can easily adjust the height of their office workstation...

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