Month: March 2018

Size matters! Choosing the best meeting table for your space.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding what size meeting table or conference table you should buy. Room Size and Meeting Table Clearance The size of your meeting table will depend on the size of the meeting room. The longer the room, the greater the clearance you should allow between walls or objects/furniture and your meeting table.  As a general rule, allow the following clearances: Room Length Clearance 16 metres 1 metre 22 metres 1.2 metres Over 22 metres 1.5 metres   To calculate the size of a meeting table that will fit your meeting room,...

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Partitions – Expert in a minute!

We break down the basics of office partitions….  you’ll be an expert in a minute! Office partitions provide not only privacy, they also allow for flexible office layout and optimise office space. Deciding which type of office partitions to choose will depend on the type of business you run and the level of privacy and/or security you require. You’ll also want to consider other factors such as the natural lighting in your office space, acoustics and fire-retardance needs. Full Height Glass Partitions Full height glass partitions allow for maximum distribution of natural light and provide a modern minimalist, open...

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