Small spaces are often utilised by new businesses.  Perhaps it is a startup which does not possess the resources to rent large offices or build one of their own. However, renting or owning a small space for an office does not mean you can’t fit it out according to your liking and functionality needs.

Small space fitouts and workstations are not a new thing; they are quite common. Small spaces can be redesigned so that the place does not look congested or overcrowded.

Here is a list of recommendations which you can apply to renovate the small spaces you are utilising as your office or workplace.

1) Create visual zones

If you have a small space, you can divide a single room for more than one purpose. This can be done by  painting the separate corners with unique colors which can indicate their usage for separate activities.

For example, you can have four of your employees in a room by providing them the separate corners which are painted with their favorite colors. You can also add small cubicles that can serve the purpose.

2) Install large windows

A small space can be suffocating for the mind. So, in order to alleviate this problem, think about ways in which you can let more light to enter into your office. This can be either done by installing large windows or you can replace some of the ceilings with glass to facilitate light into the space. By using this method, you can eliminate the “congestion” even if your office is a bit overcrowded.

3) Install mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of tricking the eye into making a cramped area look and feel more spacious. Also, because of their reflective properties, they can reflect and distribute light in an efficient way. To increase the feeling of spaciousness, install mirrors strategically where you think there is a possibility that it will make a difference. For example, designers prefer to hang the mirrors in the center of a small room. Also, they prefer to hang them opposite  a window so that it can reflect the view from outside.

4) Use portable furniture

As much as furniture can take up all the space of a room, there is a need to invest in furniture that is portable, that can be folded onto itself or which has individual nooks that allow other furniture types to be pushed in. This will utilize your space most efficiently.

5) Use less garish colors

Light colors can play a good role in reducing the feeling of a cramped space. If you use off-whites or beiges, they can give the feeling of having more space.

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