There are a number of things to consider when deciding what size meeting table or conference table you should buy.

Room Size and Meeting Table Clearance

The size of your meeting table will depend on the size of the meeting room. The longer the room, the greater the clearance you should allow between walls or objects/furniture and your meeting table.  As a general rule, allow the following clearances:

Room Length
16 metres 1 metre
22 metres 1.2 metres
Over 22 metres 1.5 metres


To calculate the size of a meeting table that will fit your meeting room, double the clearance measurement and subtract that total from the length and width of the room. Remember to allow for other furniture and audio visual equipment!

Meeting Table Seating Capacity

As well as room size, you should also consider the number of people you expect to seat around your conference table. The following guide will give you an idea of how many people can be comfortably seated around different sized tables.

Table Length
Table Width
Number of People
3.6 metres 1.2m 12-14
3 metres 1.2m 10-12
2.4 metres 1.2m 8-10
2.1 metres 1.2m 6-8

Meeting Table Chair Size

The size of the chairs you choose for your meeting room will also have an influence on determining the size of your meeting table. Choosing a more compact chair will allow more personal space for each person seated at your meeting tables. To determine how many chairs will comfortably fit around a table, measure the perimeter of the table and allow 1 metre per person.

Meeting Table Shape

Another factor to take into consideration is the shape of your table. The perimeter measurement varies depending on the shape.

Squares, rectangles and boat-shaped tables will allow more seating space, while oval and round tables have a slightly lower seating capacity. Keystone, or video-conferencing meeting tables have a similar seating capacity to square, rectangle and boat-shaped meeting tables.

Although U-shaped or V-shaped conference tables might appear to seat more people, in actual fact they do not allow all of their perimeter to be used for seating.

The flexibility of modular tables enable varied seating capacity depending upon the configuration of the modules.

Specialist Advice

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