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What are services drawings and do I need them for an office fit out project?

Embarking on a new commercial fit out can be an exciting project for any business. To ensure it is done right, stays within budget, and meets all building regulations, it is important to know what to expect. As with most projects, the most important groundwork takes place before the build even begins. Part of this stage involves working with an office fit out consultant to complete a detailed site survey and having the company draw up detailed plans of the final design. There are two types of drawings that may be required for an office fitout. Design drawings The...

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A Sustainable Office Design fit out for Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is known as a city of progressive design and style. Melbourne is taking the lead in designing sustainable office fit outs that not only look like the epitome of Melbourne style, but also make businesses more attractive to customers and prospective employees, and deliver significant ongoing economic savings to the business. A sustainable office fit out design takes account of the environmental impact of the materials used, maximises the use of natural light, and maximises water and energy savings. These office design choices can have far reaching business benefits, now and into the future – as well as...

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Top things to consider when planning an Office Fitout

There are a number of considerations and decisions to be made before embarking on an office fitout. In this article we’ll go through some of the top things to consider when planning an Office Fitout. Office Fitout Aims? What are you trying to achieve with a new office fitout? An organized working environment? Providing office space which is conducive to creativity, motivation and productivity? To reinforce and suitably project your branding? To cater to a particular workforce, i.e. GenY? Make a list of all the things you are wanting to achieve from your office space. Your office fitout design...

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