Five Profitable Fitout Ideas

Did you know our surroundings influence not just our mood but also our productivity?

Consider yourself working in a messy, loud, chaotic space. Of course, you might work, but the uneasiness while in the space would never let your subconscious mind rest! Or, think about working in a room with no windows – it would surely result in mental suffocation!

If the space in which you work fails to ignite your creativity, then productivity naturally decreases.  Low productivity = low profits.  Let’s look at some fitout ideas which will result in profits….

1) Invest in ventilation

Ventilation is the foremost thing you should work on. If the office space is well ventilated and the employees get to feel the feel fresh air, their interest in working will increase. By utilising natural air flow strategies, your building can be ventilated perfectly.

2) Think about open spaces

As much as there is a need for ventilation, there is also a need to reduce barriers such as walls. Open spaces tend to activate creativity. This is because our brains and bodies prefer open spaces – the freedom of movement everywhere, being able to see everyone and interacting with them. The offices of Google and Facebook have employed this tactic in order to encourage greater productivity in their employees.

3) Make the walls colorful

Colours influence our moods and can affect the way we act. When re-doing your office, it will be necessary to paint the walls. Why not use the colours of your brand? Or paint bright or engaging colour on a feature wall?  Your employees will feel inspired and engaged to work, which, you guessed it, will result in higher productivity and higher profits!

4) Focus on function

You probably wouldn’t want your office space to look like a Victorian-age country estate with lavish decor and ornaments. Or maybe you do?!  But consider every embellishment will increase the fitout pricing (not to mention the day today mobility of people!).  We suggest streamlined office design which has everything that is necessary and nothing is there without a purpose.  Functional door handles instead of fancy gold knobs (for example).  Make it easy for your employees to use the space.

5) Go modern

Modern interiors employ the features we just talked about. Modern interiors have functional, yet aesthetically pleasing, features.  Rooms are decorated according to need.  Modern art, block colours, “unfussy” floor and window treatments. Enhance the space where the employee spends so much of their day.  Give them the office and tools that naturally increase productivity.

There are many more things you can do to increase productivity of your employees and in turn, increase your own profits!

Affordable Fitouts can help you design the best space for profitability.  Contact us today on 1300 90 22 18 for advice!