A big part of designing an office space is looking at what kind of furniture to get. There are so many different styles, designs, colors, and purposes that it can seem a little overwhelming.

The website, Founder’s Guide, helps to break down five things you should consider when it comes to buying new furniture for your workspace. You may have your new space designed and ready to go, but you still have to decide what goes in it. These steps are meant to help you discover exactly what you need in order to do just that.


  1. Cost. Come up with a budget, not just for the new fitout, but for the types of chairs and desks and decorations that you would like to include as well. With a budget mapped out, it’s easier to follow direction and have a better understanding of what to look for. Consider the mechanics of the furniture and what you’re looking for – then determine how many you may need to buy. That all falls into deciding on your budget for these items.
  2. Needs. Assessing the needs of your employees and customers is crucial to providing the right kind of furniture. If your employees spend most of their time at computers, it would be a good investment to purchase more ergonomically practical chairs. This allows them to stay comfortable at their stations. Maybe your employees are looking for a more relaxed break area with a calming atmosphere. Buying furniture that’s directly related to giving comfort, like a couch or an armchair, would be important in that scenario. Try to determine the needs of those around you in order to keep them satisfied.
  3. Flexibility and functionality. Multiple functions in one piece of furniture is good. Multiple functions in one piece of furniture that costs less, is great! If you need a lot of storage, something like filing cabinets or desks with more drawers would come in handy. If you need something more comfortable for your employees, consider chairs with multiple functions. These will make working in the office more productive in the long run.
  4. Size. How much room you have to furnish the space should be assessed. If your space is smaller, you’ll want slimmer furniture to maximize space. Having disproportionate furniture to your space makes it awkward and inconvenient to maneuver. Feeling cramped can take away from a sense of freedom in the workplace. Get to know the dimensions of your work space and look for furniture that will help compliment it, not hinder it.
  5. Aesthetic value and brand identity. What does your office space look like? Get furniture that will help to compliment the colors and show off the space around you. If you have a wooden ceiling, try to go for more natural looking furniture. If you have a more industrial looking ceiling, think about getting something like leather seats to match the space. Colors can make or break a place as well. Orange can bring about feelings of creativity and energy. Blue brings about the sense of wisdom and tranquility, while something like red can stand for power. Consider who you are as a company and how you want to convey your brand when selecting your furniture.


While designing your office space is a lot of work and a lot of thought goes into it, it’s important not to overlook the finishing touches, like what kind of furniture to get. These final decisions are really what bring a space together to create cohesion, workability and comfort.

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